November 2020

Annual Progress Report Metals 2019/2020

Responsible Secondary Materials Supply Chains

Supporting the due diligence of companies in the metal recycling sector is the core undertaking of the working group on sustainable secondary materials supply chains. Their goal remains to develop tailor-made tools and initiate actions that support these companies and to reach out to recruit additional companies including secondary materials collectors, traders and/or processing companies.

During the second year, the working group made progress in the following areas:

  • Outreach and upscaling: the working group organised a webinar for the members of the Metal Recycling Federation (MRF) on international responsible business conduct, the Metals Agreement, and on possible new legislation in the area of mandatory corporate due diligence. In addition, two new recycling companies signed the Metals Agreement in the second year; Krommenhoek Metals and A&M Recycling.
  • Project on secondary materials: the working group embarked on a project to map the international supply chains of secondary metals from the Netherlands (import/export), important actors in the sector, risks to people and the environment, rules and legislations and bottlenecks that prevent compliance with rules and legislation. The motivation for the project stemmed from the lack of transparency and associated international RBC risks in the secondary metals supply chain and on the fact that export and import of secondary metals and minerals that are recycled outside of Europe is increasing over the last decade and constitute great risks for people and the environment. Project status:
    • Analysis of secondary metals supply chain → completed
    • Develop project plan with relevant stakeholders in the recycling sector → ongoing