Annual Report 2019

February 2020

About this document

This is the 2019 Annual Report on the Dutch Pension Funds Agreement on Responsible Investment, pursuant to which pension funds and the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds are working with NGOs, trade unions, and the Dutch Government. The objective of the Agreement is to prevent and tackle adverse social and environmental consequences of investments by pension funds. This first Annual Report was published in February 2020.


Corien Lambregtse (Voor alles is een woord)

Editorial board
Thijs van Brussel, PAX
Gerard Roest, FNV
Mandy Ros, Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds
Sal Stam, VCP
Jeroen Verburg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Shutterstock, Story Studio (cover/details of document)

Graphic design
Riccardo van der Does (SER), Robby Gajadien (SER)




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